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CelluClear Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Bored of orange peel skin on your thighs? The CelluClear cellulite treatment targets tissues lying deep beneath your dimply epidermis. By rejuvenating connective fibres and shrinking fat cells, it boosts the elasticity of your skin’s support structure. This has the flattering effect of smoothing out the appearance of a lumpy derrière.

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Celluclear Process

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Step one

No-obligation consultation

A CelluClear-trained therapist runs through our diagnosis process and your expected treatment programme.

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Step two

Treatment sessions

Treatment lasts 25 - 40 minutes depending on the area of skin. A course of six sessions is advised on average.

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Step three

Admire the results

With no side effects or time-consuming aftercare regimes, you don't need to schedule in downtime after CelluClear treatments.

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“Life Changing Results”

This is an excellent case of cellulite that is very common with our patients. The final result was excellent, and as well as almost eliminating the cellulite, the patient had a great lifting result as well.


“Really pleased with the outcome”

This patient wanted to reduce the small amounts of cellulite she had on her buttocks and rear thighs. The result was good, and she was delighted. Some slight lifting also occurred which was an added bonus.

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Cellulite, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. We want you to understand what causes your skin to respond in these ways. Armed with this information, you can make educated decisions about the best treatment for you.

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Can you really get rid of cellulite without any pain?

Yes. Whether you’re looking for a solution for orange peel skin on your thighs, or an effective way to tackle your dimply bottom, the CelluClear approach to cellulite reduction is pain-free. There’s no intense heat, no incisions, and no aggressive pressure. In fact you won’t feel that much happening at all during your treatments. There’s some light suction and a bit of gentle pressure, but that’s it.

I want my cellulite gone, but what are the side effects of the treatment?

CelluClear is different to other skin tightening treatments because it doesn’t work on a damage-repair basis. Our treatments are non-invasive and won’t cause any harm to your skin (on the surface or beneath). As a result, you leave the clinic without bruising, burns, swelling or pain, and there’s zero risk of infection.

I’ve heard horror stories about other cellulite treatments, how much down-time will I need post-treatment?

There are cellulite treatments that will leave you swollen and bruised for quite a while post-treatment, so you’re wise to ask this question before you commit to any treatment. But, we’re different. CelluClear is a non-surgical, painfree procedure. Consequently, there’s no recovery period or laborious after-care regime to follow after a cellulite treatment. In fact, organise a session for your lunch break and you can walk straight out of the clinic and back into work (without spending the afternoon shuffling uncomfortably on your chair).

How many CelluClear sessions will I need to shift my stubborn cellulite?

It depends on what result you want, the area of your body, and the condition of your skin. For treating cellulite, usually we recommend around six sessions as a benchmark. Treatments can be performed either once or twice per week. Typically, you’ll start to see some changes in your skin after your second treatment, and you’ll see a much bigger difference after six sessions. Some people choose to continue to eight sessions, but our research shows that this is only likely to improve your results by a further 10%. Your CelluClear therapist will outline your likely course of treatment after running through a diagnosis process with you at your initial consultation.

So once my cellulite has gone, how long will the results last?

The machine we use in CelluClear clinics was launched five years ago. From our research so far, we can say with absolute certainty that for most people, cellulite remains reduced for at least five years. But we’re optimistic that you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin texture and tone for even longer than this. There’s no compulsory aftercare with CelluClear treatments but use of our advised skincare combined with a healthy diet and exercise will help keep dimples at bay for longer.

How much does a CelluClear cellulite treatment cost?

Each CelluClear session costs £250. Once we have confirmed your programme at the initial consultation, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the full cost of a course of treatment.

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