How Bad Is My Cellulite? Advice on Cellulite Build-Up & How To Treat It

How Bad Is My Cellulite? Advice on Cellulite Build-Up & How To Treat It

Admit it, who saw Jessie J’s cellulite post on Instagram and instantly compared her thighs to your own? Cellulite is one of the biggest body hang-ups amongst women, so it’s no surprise that you’re pondering how bad your dimples actually are.

Cellulite comes in many different forms from orange peel on your thighs to deep puckering on your buttocks. However, severity is judged mainly in the eyes of the beholder, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to be objective when it comes to rating your own thighs. And the media doesn’t help by constantly bombarding us with airbrushed images that only highlight the imperfection of your own thighs. So rather than zooming in on the latest photo papped of Kim Kardashian’s bottom and using her dimples as a benchmark, we’re sharing a scale to help you to understand your cellulite better.

How do you measure the severity of cellulite?

This scale was developed as part of an in-depth skin study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. The research delves into many aspects of cellulite, but one of the most-quoted findings are the three key grades of cellulite identified in the group of people studied. Each stage is based on number of dimples, their depth, skin slackness and what the skin looks like most.

Grade 1: Orange peel

If you have up to four little skin dents and skin with a slightly saggy appearance, you sit in this ‘mild’ range.

Grade 2: Cottage cheese

If your skin has a draped appearance and you can count between five and nine medium-depth bumps, your cellulite is moderate according to the scale.

Grade 3: Mattress

At the ‘severe’ end of the scale, skin has a ‘mattress’ appearance, with 10 plus deep depressions and is ‘severely’ draped, in appearance.

Why are we sharing this?

Importantly, this is not about comparing yourself to others. This is about you. Yes, there are some women who wear their cellulite with confidence. They’ll hold their head high in a bikini and post their dimples on Instagram with pride (#bodypositivity). Others can shrug it off as normal. However, there are people that battle with it as a source of insecurity that contributes to low-self esteem.

We hear stories every day of mums who avoid going swimming with their children because it involves stripping to a swimsuit. Some women visiting our clinics find cellulite is standing in the way of them having an intimate relationship with their partner. If this is you, there are treatments that can help you tackle your lumps and bumps and get your body confidence back.

However, before you do anything, it’s important to understand your cellulite and choose the right route for you. By sharing this scale, our intention is to help you understand your body and the different levels of cellulite. Hopefully, during the course of treatment you’ll be able to see improvements, and if things go to plan, jump up the classifications.

Will cellulite treatment work for me?

There are lots of ways to tackle cellulite. From creams and skin treatments to lasers and surgery, But let’s be clear, if you have severe ‘mattress’ cellulite, cream is not going to make a big difference to your thighs. Equally, the pain and uncomfortable recovery of more invasive procedures may seem a huge price to pay to improve ‘mild’ orange peel skin.

We appreciate the choice is baffling, so we always recommend doing your homework.

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