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Cellulite treatment in Essex

La Belle Forme offers a suite of high impact cosmetic procedures to clients in Brentwood and across Essex. CelluClear fits perfectly into its treatment menu. The Essex clinic uses the BTL Unison device to banish dimply thighs. It’s a slightly different combination of energy-based technology, but the skin-smoothing results are just as impressive.

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Cellulite Treatment

BTL Unison
Great treatment for cellulite

The BTL Unison is one of the leading treatment devices for treating all five major causes of Cellulite. It uses a combination of radio and shock wave therapy to work underneath your skin, targetting the direct cause of cellulite.

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Celluclear Process

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No-obligation consultation

A CelluClear-trained therapist runs through our diagnosis process and your expected treatment programme.

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Treatment sessions

Treatment lasts 25 - 40 minutes depending on the area of skin. A course of six sessions is advised on average.

step three

Admire the results

With no side effects or time-consuming aftercare regimes, you don't need to schedule in downtime after CelluClear treatments.

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Cellulite, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. We want you to understand what causes your skin to respond in these ways. Armed with this information, you can make educated decisions about the best treatment for you.

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How many CelluClear clinics are there in the UK?

At the moment, there are three clinics offering our unique cellulite and stretch mark removal treatments. You can currently book appointments in: Milton Keynes (near Buckingham), Brentwood (Essex), and Epsom (Surrey). We’re opening more CelluClear clinics across the UK this year.

Can I get to the Brentwood clinic on public transport?

Located just a short walk from Brentwood railway station, La Belle Forme is conveniently located for those travelling from London Liverpool Street as well as from Romford, Ilford and other towns across East London and Essex. Alternatively, customer parking is available.

How is the cellulite treatment offered in Brentwood different to other CelluClear treatments?

The BTL Unison technology used in the Essex clinic is consistent with the science-driven values of CelluClear and achieves proven skin-smoothing results. It’s grounded in similar biology-based theory, but uses a slightly different combination of energy waves (radio frequency and acoustic wave energy to be exact) to stimulate collagen production.

How do I book an appointment at the Brentwood clinic?

To book at appointment for a CelluClear treatment, contact the Brentwood clinic on 0333 939 8869, or email

How do you ensure a high standard of treatment?

CelluClear technology is incredibly sophisticated and, to be honest, whether it’s a cellulite treatment or wrinkle reduction, the machine does most of the hard work for our therapists. We supply all equipment and provide thorough training and ongoing support to therapists. This ensures you get a consistently high standard of service from CelluClear, whether you choose Brentwood or any other of our clinics.

Can I speak to a therapist before committing to a full programme of treatment?

Yes. If you need to discuss a cellulite treatment, we recommend booking a no obligation consultation with a member of our Brentwood team. Simply call 0333 939 8869 or email the clinic to book an appointment.

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