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Scar Tissue Reduction Treatment

Is acne scarring damaging your self-esteem? Maybe a raised area of skin over a healed wound is an unwanted reminder of a past surgery? Or a discoloured area of skin that’s an ever-present legacy of a burn? If you’re looking for a scar removal treatment, CelluClear offers a pain-free and non-invasive way to dramatically fade marks and smooth out uneven textures.

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Keeping it simple
Celluclear Process

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Step one

No-obligation consultation

A CelluClear-trained therapist runs through our diagnosis process and your expected treatment programme.

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Step two

Treatment sessions

Treatment lasts 25 - 40 minutes depending on the area of skin. A course of six sessions is advised on average.

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Step three

Admire the results

With no side effects or time-consuming aftercare regimes, you don't need to schedule in downtime after CelluClear treatments.

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“Dramatic change in colour”

This is a large abdominal scar that was very red and highly visible. You can see that after the treatment the colour has changed dramatically, and the overall severity of the scar has been reduced. Excellent result on a difficult case.


“Appendicitis scar”

This kind of scarring is widespread and is caused by the removal of the appendix. It is quite common for this to occur early on in life, meaning the scarring could have been around for many years. The result achieved in this case was excellent, the scar area was filled, and the redness removed. The patient was very happy.

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Cellulite, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. We want you to understand what causes your skin to respond in these ways. Armed with this information, you can make educated decisions about the best treatment for you.

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Do CelluClear skin correction treatments for scars hurt?

No. Whether it’s acne scarring on your face, a caesarean scar on your abdomen, or the legacy of a burn on your leg, the CelluClear procedure is pain-free. There’s no intense heat, no incisions, and no aggressive pressure. In fact, you won’t feel that much happening at all during your treatments. There’s some light suction and a bit of gentle pressure, but that’s it.

I’ve read other scar treatments come with risks, is it true there aren't any side effects?

It’s true. You’ll leave the clinic without bruising, burns, swelling or pain, and there’s zero risk of infection or increased sun-sensitivity (yes, treated skin will tan as normal). CelluClear is different to other skin tightening treatments because it doesn’t work on a damage-repair basis. Our treatments are non-invasive and won’t cause any harm to your skin (on the surface or beneath).

I’m ready to get rid of my scars, but how much down-time will I need post-treatment?

None. With our approach to treating scars, there’s no recovery period or laborious after-care regime to follow. In fact, organise a session for your lunch break and you can walk straight out of the clinic back into work without attracting any funny looks.

How many sessions will I need to make a difference to my scars?

With skin correction, treatment varies depending on the size and nature of the scar. However, we typically recommend six sessions, with treatments performed once weekly. Typically, you’ll start to see some changes in your skin after your second treatment, but you’ll see a much bigger difference after the sixth session. Your CelluClear therapist will outline your likely course of treatment after running through the diagnosis process with you at your initial consultation.

I’m keen to do something to improve the look of my scars. But how long will the results last?

The machine we use in CelluClear clinics was launched five years ago. From our research so far, we can say with absolute certainty that for most people scars remain reduced for at least five years. But we’re optimistic that you’ll see a noticeable improvement in previously scarred skin for a lot longer. There’s no compulsory aftercare with CelluClear treatments but use of our advised skincare combined with a healthy diet and exercise will help maintain results for longer.

How much does scar removal cost?

Each CelluClear session costs £250. Once we have confirmed your programme at the initial consultation, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the full cost of a course of treatment.

My scars always show up more when I get a tan. Once treated, will skin tan as normal?

Yes. In fact a good dose of the sun’s vitamin D is a great way to show the full effect of a CelluClear treatment on reducing scars.

Damaged skin generally doesn't tan, which is why you probably feel more conscious of your scars after being in the sun. A tan makes them stand out more.

CelluClear repairs tissue, restoring the damage from within, but the process itself doesn’t recolour the skin. The great news is the sun will do this for you naturally. As you tan, all skin adopts the same even tone.

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